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The artist behind MohanMisAbstr

Mishal Mohan

Mishal Mohan is a self-taught abstract artist who enjoys working on abstract acrylic paintings filled with layers of colors and variations of textures, as it allows her the freedom to be impulsive and pour her passion into the artwork. It is through the layers that the journey of exploration and curiosity is built into the artwork for every person that looks at it. Some paintings are deliberate and are meant to evoke a specific emotion, idea, or thought while others are an exploration of color, texture, and technique.

During the process of working on a piece, she is able to go in with a plan and disobey all those plans and create something completely against the ‘rules’. It is during these times that she is reminded that she must overcome any self-doubt and keep moving forward, allowing herself to intensely experience having spontaneity and control; allowing herself to continue exploring and experimenting.

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